Evolutionary emergence of life cycles

Lecture Hall (MPI for Evolutionary Biology)

Lecture Hall

MPI for Evolutionary Biology


Organisers: Paul Rainey, Corina Tarnita, Will Ratcliff & Jordi van Gestel

The evolution of life cycles is central to evolutionary transitions and much more.  This three day workshop will bring together a diverse range of scientists to focus on issues such as the link between life cycles, timescales, development and the origins of Darwinian properties (particularly reproduction and its partner heredity), the origins of cells, multicellular organisms and so forth; the impact of nascent cycles on how natural selection comes to effect the evolution of collectives; why death is integral and why death matters.

Invited participants: Buzz Baum, Michael Doebeli, Paulien Hogeweg, Eric Libby, Silvia de Monte, Vidyanand Nanjundiah, Elizabeth Ostrowski, Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo, Fred Spiegel


  • Arne Traulsen
  • Buzz Baum
  • Chaitanya Gokhale
  • Corina Tarnita
  • Denis Tverskoi
  • Diethard Tautz
  • Dominika Wloch-Salamon
  • Elizabeth Ostrowski
  • Eric Libby
  • Fernando Rossine
  • Fred Spiegel
  • Guilhem Doulcier
  • Guy Cooper
  • Jennifer Pentz
  • Joanna Summers
  • Jordi van Gestel
  • Joshua Christie
  • Katrin Hammerschmidt
  • Leonardo Brunnet
  • Loukas Theodosiou
  • Lukas Geyrhofer
  • Maria Bargués Ribera
  • Michael Barnett
  • Michael Doebeli
  • Paul Rainey
  • Paulien Hogeweg
  • Pedro Marquez-Zacarias
  • Peter Conlin
  • Pierrick Bourrat
  • Román Zapién Campos
  • Shraddha Shitut
  • Silvia De Monte
  • Tin Lam
  • Utpal Bora
  • Vidyanand Nanjundiah
  • Will Ratcliff
  • Yuanxiao Gao
  • Yuriy Pichugin