Causes and Consequences of Inclusive Inheritance

from Wednesday, 6 November 2019 (13:00) to Friday, 8 November 2019 (12:30)
MPI for Evolutionary Biology (Lecture Hall)

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6 Nov 2019
7 Nov 2019
8 Nov 2019
Session 2 (until 11:45) (Lecture Hall)
09:00 Keynote: Trans-generational effects in the evolution of ageing - Alexei Maklakov   (Lecture Hall)
09:30 The influence of parental phenotypic variation and parental exposure on sensitivity to ocean acidification in a reef fish – a molecular whole-organism approach - Celia Schunter   (Lecture Hall)
09:45 Transgenerational plasticity of a coral reef fish to ocean warming - Jennifer Donelson   (Lecture Hall)
10:00 Putting the heat on insect reproduction: adaptive and mal-adaptive transgenerational effects through increasing thermal means and extremes - Kris Sales   (Lecture Hall)
10:15 Discussion of examples   (Lecture Hall)
10:45 --- Coffee ---
11:30 --- Group Picture ---
Session 3 (until 13:00) (Lecture Hall)
11:45 Keynote: Inheritance beyond DNA sequence: news from worms and fishes - Eric Miska   (Lecture Hall)
12:15 Schrödinger´s Inheritance - Irene Adrian-Kalchhauser   (Lecture Hall)
12:30 Potential epigenetic mechanisms underlying insect overwintering - Peter Pruisscher   (Lecture Hall)
12:45 Epigenetic reprogramming during gametogenesis and embryogenesis of threespine stickleback: Windows for adaptation during climate change? - Alexandre Fellous   (Lecture Hall)
Session 6 (until 12:30) (Lecture Hall)
09:00 Keynote: The many roles of parental effects in evolutionary biology - Tobias Uller   (Lecture Hall)
09:30 Causes and consequences of seasonal transgenerational plasticity in a precocial rodent - Anja Günther   (Lecture Hall)
09:45 Transgenerational plasticity and bet-hedging: a framework and a meta-analysis on insect diapause reaction norms - Jens Joschinski   (Lecture Hall)
10:00 Epigenetic gene silencing alters the mechanisms and rate of evolutionary adaptation - Dragan Stajic   (Lecture Hall)
10:15 --- Coffee Break ---
10:45 Keynote: Plant epigenomics: from complex traits to molecular clocks - Frank Johannes   (Lecture Hall)
11:15 General discussion of evolutionary underpinnings and consequences   (Lecture Hall)
12:15 Closing remarks   (Lecture Hall)
13:00 --- Arrival & Check-In ---
13:50 Welcome - Sandra Bouwhuis Melanie Heckwolf Britta Meyer Miriam Liedvogel   (Lecture Hall)
Session 1 (until 16:00) (Lecture Hall)
14:00 Keynote: Transgenerational age effects in a long-lived bird - Sandra Bouwhuis   (Lecture Hall)
14:30 Transgenerational effects of early developmental stress on morphology and fitness-related traits in captive zebra finches - Yifan Pei   (Lecture Hall)
14:45 Paternal epigenetic effects: Do fathers transmit their experiences to their sons? - Alexandra Weyrich   (Lecture Hall)
15:00 Transgenerational and direct effects of the social environment on body mass and reproduction in a match/mismatch experiment in Japanese quail ( Coturnix japonica ) - Esther Langen   (Lecture Hall)
15:15 Poster Flash Talks - div   (Lecture Hall)
16:00 --- Poster Session ---
18:00 --- Dinner ---
13:00 --- Lunch Break ---
Session 4 (until 16:30) (Lecture Hall)
14:00 Keynote: Bad beginnings and untimely ends: environments, telomeres and life history variation - Pat Monaghan   (Lecture Hall)
14:30 Testosterone in blue tit eggs: an adaptive maternal effect? - Peter Korsten   (Lecture Hall)
14:45 Contribution of bacterial colonizers on host thermal adaptation - Laura Baldassarre   (Lecture Hall)
15:00 --- Coffee ---
15:30 Keynote: Male pregnancy and transgenerational plasticity - Olivia Roth   (Lecture Hall)
16:00 General Discussion of Mechanisms   (Lecture Hall)
Session 5 (until 17:45) (Lecture Hall)
16:30 Keynote: How do paternal and maternal effects coevolve? - Bram Kuijper   (Lecture Hall)
17:00 Environmental variation mediates the evolution of anticipatory parental effects - Martin Lind   (Lecture Hall)
17:15 Understanding the contribution of DNA methylation variation to local adaptation - Konstantinos Sagonas   (Lecture Hall)
17:30 The chromatin accessibility landscape in the brain of a migratory songbird - Juan Lugo Ramos   (Lecture Hall)
18:00 --- Dinner ---
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