The workshop's main goal is to bring together evolutionary biologists
and ecologists as well as researchers interested in how physics and
chemistry shape the evolutionary dynamics of biological populations
(bacteria, viruses, fungi, cancer cells), and who use physics- and
chemistry-inspired approaches in their work.

Confirmed speakers are: Diana Fusco (University of Cambridge), Joachim Krug (University of Cologne), Helen Alexander (University of Edinburgh), Wolfram Moebius (University of Exeter), Ard A. Louis (University of Oxford), Anna Ochab-Marcinek (Polish Academy of Sciences), Berenike Maier (University of Cologne), Hildegard Uecker, Hinrich Schulenburg and Javier Lopez-Garrido (MPI for Evolutionary Biology).

The workshop is organized by Bartlomiej Waclaw (University of Edinburgh) and Arne Traulsen (MPI for Evolutionary Biology).

Registration for this event is currently open.