Talking Evolution


This workshop aims to clarify, update and expand on traditional evolutionary thinking by providing a platform for discussion. Critics have argued evolutionary studies very gene-centric and dismissive of other mechanisms contributing to evolutionary change. They call for a wider recognition particularly of:

• Niche construction theory
• Extra-genetic inheritance
• Developmental bias
• Phenotypic plasticity

And while the importance of these fields is backed by empirical evidence, wider recognition is trailing behind. We would like to change that. If this interests you, please join us and let's talk evolution…

All the accepted participants will be able to present their research either in the form of a talk or a poster. Participants who wish to present a poster will introduce their poster as a mini talk to spark discussions.

Invited and confirmed as speakers are:

  • Paul M. Brakefield (Trinity College, UK)
  • Luis-Miguel Chevin (CEFE, France)
  • Troy Day (Queen's University, Canada)
  • Ilkka Kronholm (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
  • Kevin Laland (University of St. Andrews, UK)
  • Sonia E. Sultan (Wesleyan University, USA)

Scientific Organizers: Noémie Erin, Alice Feurtey, Dominik W. Schmid, Vandana R. Venkateswaran (MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Plön)

  • Agnes Piecyk
  • Alice Feurtey
  • Andrei Granovitch
  • Arina Maltseva
  • Arne Traulsen
  • Arseniy Lobov
  • Blake Matthews
  • Britta Meyer
  • Christoph Gahr
  • Daniel Romero Mujalli
  • Dominik Schmid
  • Edith Invernizzi
  • Franjo Weissing
  • Helen SpenceJones
  • Hildegard Uecker
  • Ilkka Kronholm
  • Ingo Schlupp
  • Irene Adrian-Kalchhauser
  • Joanna Summers
  • Johana Fajardo Castro
  • Karina Vanadzina
  • Katrina Falkenberg
  • Kevin Laland
  • Liz Pásztor
  • Loukas Theodosiou
  • Luis-Miguel Chevin
  • Marc Ritter
  • Maria Bargués Ribera
  • Mariana Villalba
  • Melanie Heckwolf
  • Michael Barnett
  • Miguel Gomez
  • Moritz Lürig
  • Nathalie Feiner
  • Noémie Erin
  • Oscar Puebla
  • Paul Brakefield
  • Philip Greenspoon
  • Pierre Durand
  • Pim Edelaar
  • Reinder Radersma
  • Rienk Fokkema
  • Román Ulises Zapién Campos
  • Sandra Bouwhuis
  • Sonia E. Sultan
  • Stephen De Lisle
  • Thomas Oudman
  • Troy Day
  • Vandana Revathi Venkateswaran
  • Zinaida VASILYEVA
  • Íñigo Ongay de Felipe